Our mission is for our clients to benefit from our knowledge, passion and commitment, delivering sustainable energy solutions that make financial sense. With over 30 years of combined experience, our management team has established a standard of excellence, addressing our clients’ goals in saving energy and maximizing return by designing the newest self-generating systems.

We approach every project the same way in that each project is unique. We use our industry experience, to meet your design preferences, schedule needs, budget necessities, quality requirements, and optimizing your saving and maximizing your ROI, which is why our management team has been involved in some of the largest clean energy projects in Los Angeles.

About Solar

Traditional electricity sources, like fossil fuels and natural gas, result in harmful emissions in the atmosphere, causing air pollution and global warming. Solar electricity sources create energy from the sun, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and dependence of fossil fuels – all while saving your business money.


Solar Benefits for your Business

  • Save Thousands on Energy Bills
  • Reduce or Eliminate Energy Cost Fluctuation Issues
  • Positive Cash Flow from Day One
  • Federal and State Tax Incentives up to 74% Available
  • Utility Rebates Help You Save in System Purchase and Installation
  • Increase the Value of Your Property
  • Secure Investment

Solar Benefits for the Environment

  • Reduces Air Pollution
  • Reduces Water Pollution
  • Reduces Respiratory and Cardio Health Problems
  • Reduces the Causes and Effects of Global Warming
  • Reduces Dependence on Non-Renewable Energy Sources
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